PROBUILTCO is proud to be able to provide such a comprehensive array of products and services. It allows our clients a wide variety of choices to choose from.

Interior Home Improvement Services

We offer a wide variety of services in Cary, NC or a surrounding area

ProBuiltCo is proud to be able to provide such a comprehensive array of products and services. It allows our clients a wide variety of choices to choose from.


Whether you need a minor repair or a whole new kitchen, PROBUILTCO is there when you need us. You can call us anytime for a free consultation if you’re considering a new kitchen. We’d be happy to help you to design the kitchen of your dreams


There are many reasons that people update their bathrooms. The number one reason is cosmetic. Other reasons include improving comfort, increasing energy savings, creating a personal oasis and increasing the resale value of the home.


Our work is completely warrantied and we take pride in the work that we do. Painting your room a new color or even painting your ceiling can completely revuvinate your space and feel like a whole new room!

Basements + Attics

They are not common in North Carolina, but if you have one it can be a great space to do many things in. If you’re interested in increasing your living space, we would love to help you plan it in the best way possible.


Your garage can be transformed to help you manage your life better. If you’re looking for a great Man Cave or just getting shelving and storage to maximize it’s space, we can help. We can also replace your garage door to enhance the beauty of your home.


If you’ve run out of space, an addition might be the perfect solution. We can help you take a look at your existing and potential space in a whole new way.


There are times when we need to widen doorways. Sometimes you might want the space widened because of the esthetics but sometimes it’s necessary to accommodate a wheelchair more easily. There are many types of doors to choose from, including energy efficient doors.


Floors can make an incredible statement. If you’d like to change your flooring, we can help. Hardwoods, bamboo, tile, vinyl, stone or more. We can redo your floor in the bathroom, kitchen, hall, bedroom, living room, den, dining room and more.


In can be daunting to think about replacing all of your windows but you may have many options. We’d love to discuss what’s necessary as far as repairing or replacing your windows.

About ProBuiltCo

ProBuiltCo, with offices in Cary, NC and Hillsborough, NC, is construction company specializing in residential and commercial exterior and interior remodeling. We provide over 25 years of experience in the building industry and deliver the Triangle area of North Carolina the highest quality workmanship, materials, and service. Our team of specialists are highly trained, educated, and certified in the industry.


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